From Craftsman Cottages to Modern Marvels: We Craft Dream Decks for Every Seattle Style

Nestled between the Puget Sound and lush evergreen landscapes, Seattle boasts a diverse tapestry of architectural styles that captivate the imagination. As a homeowner in this vibrant city, your residence is a unique reflection of your taste and lifestyle. Imagine extending that uniqueness into your outdoor space—imagine a dream deck perfectly tailored to complement your Seattle style. Whether you reside in a Craftsman cottage or a modern marvel, there’s a dream deck waiting to be crafted just for you.

1. The Classic Craftsman Charm:

Craftsman cottages, with their distinctive features like exposed rafters, tapered columns, and warm wood accents, exude timeless charm. For these homes, a dream deck should seamlessly integrate with the Craftsman aesthetic, creating a cozy and inviting outdoor space.

Design Elements:

  • Wood Finishes: Opt for natural wood finishes that echo the warm tones of your Craftsman home. Cedar, redwood, or mahogany can be excellent choices that not only complement the architectural style but also add to the inviting atmosphere.
  • Built-in Furniture: Consider built-in benches, planters, or even a porch swing. These elements not only contribute to the Craftsman charm but also provide functional and integrated seating.

2. Mid-Century Modern Elegance:

Seattle’s mid-century modern homes, with their clean lines, large windows, and open spaces, call for a dream deck that echoes the elegance and simplicity of this iconic architectural style. A modern deck should seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Design Elements:

  • Minimalist Railings: Choose sleek and minimalist railings to maintain an unobstructed view from your modern home. Materials like metal or glass can complement the clean lines of mid-century modern design.
  • Large Format Tiles or Pavers: Consider large format tiles or pavers for the deck surface. This not only adds a contemporary touch but also enhances the indoor-outdoor flow.

3. Waterfront Wonders: Contemporary Decks for Views of the Sound:

For Seattle homeowners lucky enough to enjoy breathtaking waterfront views of the Puget Sound, the dream deck is an extension of the beauty that surrounds them. A contemporary deck should focus on capturing those stunning vistas while providing a comfortable and stylish outdoor living space.

Design Elements:

  • Glass Railings: Maximize the view with glass railings that provide an unobstructed line of sight. This modern design element ensures that your deck does not hinder the panoramic views.
  • Outdoor Lounge Areas: Create distinct outdoor lounge areas with comfortable seating and fire pits. These features encourage relaxation while taking in the serene waterscapes.

4. Queen Anne Victorian Grandeur:

Queen Anne Victorians, with their ornate details, turrets, and vibrant colors, are architectural marvels that deserve a dream deck to match their grandeur. A deck for a Queen Anne Victorian should be an extension of the intricate beauty of the home, creating a captivating outdoor space.

Design Elements:

  • Detailed Railings: Embrace the ornate details with custom railings that mirror the craftsmanship of your Queen Anne Victorian. Intricate wrought iron or detailed woodwork can elevate the overall design.
  • Multi-Level Decks: Queen Anne Victorians often feature multi-level designs. Extend this concept to your dream deck with tiered levels that create visual interest and designate specific areas for dining, lounging, and entertaining.

5. Suburban Comfort: Traditional Decks for Family Living

Seattle’s suburban neighborhoods are often characterized by traditional homes that prioritize comfort and functionality. A dream deck for these homes should be an extension of family living, providing a space for relaxation, play, and gatherings.

Design Elements:

  • Wooden Decking: Opt for traditional wooden decking materials for a warm and timeless look. Wood provides a comfortable surface for bare feet and pairs well with the classic charm of suburban homes.
  • Versatile Seating: Create a variety of seating options, from classic Adirondack chairs to a spacious dining area. This versatility ensures that your deck is ready for family dinners, neighborhood gatherings, or simply lounging on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Seattle, with its architectural diversity and natural beauty, provides an inspiring canvas for crafting dream decks. Whether your home is a Craftsman cottage, a mid-century modern marvel, a waterfront wonder, a Queen Anne Victorian, or a suburban haven, your dream deck awaits. By carefully selecting design elements that complement your home’s unique style, you can transform your outdoor space into a haven tailored to your lifestyle and tastes.

Crafting dreams into decks in the Emerald City is about more than just design; it’s about creating an extension of your home that seamlessly integrates with the architectural fabric of Seattle. So, whether you’re sipping coffee on your Craftsman deck, marveling at the sunset from your modern oasis, or hosting family gatherings in your traditional suburban haven, your dream deck is an expression of your Seattle style, crafted for every moment and memory.

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